Top Upcoming Swimming Competitions in 2020

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Competitive swimming is a challenging and demanding sport that attracts spectators and enthusiasts from all over the world. Even betting enthusiasts flock to websites like in order to get the most out of their swimming bets. It’s a rare type of activity that requires us to use our whole body in order to increase our water mobility. Swimming competitions are also very unique, as they do not only categorized on the basis of age and gender, but also in terms of style and swimming distance. They’re not as crazy as the UFC competition, for example, where two champions Joanna Jędrzejczak and Karolina Kowalkiewicz dominate the field and really make the crowd go wild. If you want to witness what top performance swimming is like then be on the lookout for these upcoming competitions in 2020.  

Summer Olympic Games

olympics 300x200 - Top Upcoming Swimming Competitions in 2020Among the Olympic Games swimming is one of the most popular spectacles. Not only do they compete against rivals from other countries, but also against their own personal best record. During the Summer Olympics, there are 16 swimming events that include various distances and styles such as freestyle, butterfly, backstroke, and medley. Olympics gives us a unique insight into how swimming techniques and training has evolved over the past decades. 

In 2020, the Summer Olympics will be held in Tokyo, starting July 24 and ending on August 9. Anyone who is a fan of swimming sports loves the Olympics as it features so many different disciplines, like water polo, diving, rowing, surfing, and synchronized swimming.   

2020 LEN European Championships

swimming 300x200 - Top Upcoming Swimming Competitions in 2020LEN is the governing body for aquatic sports in Europe and they play a major role when it comes to European championships. Championships are held once every two years, and at one point, they were held during mid or late summer. The championship is now held during spring in order to avoid overlapping with Summer Olympic Games. Also. LEN European Championship included water polo competition up until 1999. Today European Water Polo Championship is held separately. 

FINA Marathon Swim World Series 2020 

FINA Marathon Swim World Series is an event that happens once a year, and it is actually a 10km swimming marathon. Unlike previous entries on the list, this is an open water swimming race, and here the competitors use various techniques to gain an advantage while in shallow waters and also by riding the waves. You can also expect to see competitors carrying swimming equipment since open water competition is more dangerous than in a pool.  

FINA Diving World Series 2020

diving competition 300x229 - Top Upcoming Swimming Competitions in 2020Diving requires competitors to collect points by performing graceful acrobatic feats while falling into the water. World Series events are there to gather the best of the best divers, who qualify by gathering points on other diving competitions. In other words, the FINA Diving Worlds Series is the chance to enjoy the very best competitors, going against each other. Some of the professional divers started as gymnasts and dancers, which is no surprise considering how similar skills are required to be a successful diver.  

These were some of the notable championships organized by international governing bodies for the aquatic sports. There are many different spectacles happening throughout the world, in the U.S., Australia, England, Russia, and China these sports are especially popular, as some of the best swimmers come from these regions. So if you want to see peak performance swimmers look for the competitions taking place in these geographies as well.