Modern Day Atlantis – Unique Destinations For Water Tourism


Spending time at the beach near the ocean or the sea is somewhat an integral part of every summer vacation. After all, we cannot drown the stress of everyday life and daily job without large bodies of water. Coastal cities and waterfront towns are usually teeming with tourists during the summer season, and you might be wondering what is the best location to visit. Well, buckle up because we have selected a few top-notch waterfront cities to visit in order to combat the restless heat.   

Venice, Italy

modern day atlantis venice - Modern Day Atlantis - Unique Destinations For Water Tourism

There is no waterfront on the planet as iconic as Venice, as the entire city’s dynamic revolves around its waterways. Roaming about and using various city pathways is how people usually get lost in a foreign country, and ironically, this is the best way to enjoy Venice. It’s hard to decide where you should go first, so instead of wasting time scratching your head, just start wandering the streets and you won’t be disappointed, the town has a lot to offer.

Don’t shy away from riding in a gondola, as it is one of the most unique experiences you can get out of this trip. Make sure you pass beneath the bridge of Sighs and then release the sigh of awe. of course.     

Sydney, Australia

modern day atlantis sydney - Modern Day Atlantis - Unique Destinations For Water Tourism

Exotic animals, beaches, surfing, and cruises, for those who love the ocean, Sydney is the place to go during summer. From Circular Quay you can take a half-hour ferry ride to Manly, and have a lovely day filled with aquatic activities. For example, EcoTreasures organizes snorkeling tours that you can join and explore the ocean. You will have the opportunity to see over 200 fish species and spend a lot of time in cool crystal clear water.

Sydney offers much when it comes to cultural entertainment and vibrant nightlife, so tourists don’t get to fully explore all the beauties of its aquatic side. No one can blame them though, who knows when they will be in Sydney again, so they cannot spend the entire holiday swimming. But, if we have to pick a beach that is a must see, it will be Bondi Beach.


modern day atlantis stockholm - Modern Day Atlantis - Unique Destinations For Water Tourism

Capital of Sweden is a magical coastal city that spreads across 14 islands. It as an attraction-packed waterfront that will make your Instagram explode with posts. When in Stockholm you should board the ferry that will take you to Djurgården, the greenest island boasting museums, farmhouses, and Nordic fauna. Don’t stop there, the entire voyage still awaits as you can explore the dazzling archipelago that consists of thousands of islands. Here you will definitely find with a perfect beach to unwind and enjoy coastal beauties.    


modern day atlantis miami - Modern Day Atlantis - Unique Destinations For Water Tourism

The best thing about Miami is that you can go there on a summer vacation even if it is not summer. With clear blue skies above Florida and over 300 days of sunny weather, the city is bound to deliver on an ideal holiday experience. The town boasts a number of beaches, an amazing state park, a giant aquarium, and loads of pools. In other words, whether you are drawn to water because you like swimming, cruising, or exploring the flora and fauna of the ocean floor, Miami has it covered.