How To Choose Between Rowing, Canoeing, And Sailing

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So, you have been thinking about taking up a new sport and cannot decide between rowing, canoeing, and sailing? Well, these three are very similar and it is understandable why you would have them confused. Nevertheless, there are some differences worth noticing because they might help you decide which one to choose. Once we have gone over the basic characteristic and individual traits of all three of these, it won’t be such a difficult decision to make anymore. 


Rowing water sport 254x300 - How To Choose Between Rowing, Canoeing, And SailingWe will start with rowing since it is allegedly the oldest of the three and its roots are dating all the way back from the Egyptian era. Rowing has been a part of almost every Summer Olympic Games since their beginning, so you will have what to look forward to every four years, and who knows, you might even participate in them one day. Rowing is a highly competitive sport and the object is to get your boat to the finish line before anyone else. There are many different types of rowing depending on the number of athletes in the boat, starting from single scull races where athletes compete on their own, to eights which feature eight rowers in one boat. If you are a team player, this might be the best option for you as you need to have good organizational skills, coordination and to work well with your fellow rowers. 


Just like with rowing, the goal of canoeing is to finish first in a race by reaching the finish line in a boat. One slight difference is that when you are in a canoe, you are in a sitting position with your legs stretched in front of you so that you have to rely on your upper body strength which makes matters more difficult. Again. there are many variations depending on how many people are in the boat and how long the race is, so you can have a lot of options to choose from. There is also a variation in the sport itself – canoe slalom, or white water slalom. The aim of this sport is to navigate the boat through a series of gates while dealing with rapids and harsh conditions. Many people see it as a more extreme version of canoeing, so if adventure and thrill are what you are looking for, this might be the best option for you. 

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Until the second half of the 20th century, yachting and sailing were seen as so luxurious they were reserved only for wealthy people. However, this sport has become more common today and millions of people enjoy sailing each year. You will need only a couple of days of training, but it is pretty easy getting a hang of a sailboat. Races, just like with every other competitive sport, require more training and dedication, but the great thing about sailing is that it can be completely recreational. Unlike with rowing or canoeing, which are usually seen as very demanding sports, sailing can also be relaxing and calming. Therefore, if you would like to take things easy and enjoy a sunny day on water instead of having a full-body workout, sailing is probably the right choice.