Fascinating Rivers For Cruise Enthusiasts

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Going on a river cruise can be rewarding in many different ways. The river cruises are budget-friendly water marvels, fitting for family or friends. Become the silent spectator of numerous wonders by passing right next to them, and experience the country around you from the perspective that no normal road can ever give you. Asia, Europe, America, or Africa – each continent owns a hidden cruising gem that will take you on a journey of your lifetime.


Fairytale-like scenery complete with medieval villages is but a fraction of a Rhine river cruise trip. The most popular route goes from Strasbourg to Koblenz, and in four-days time you will be able to witness the most diverse scenery in Europe – battlefields, vineyards, Baroque palaces, and medieval castles.

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Kerala Backwaters

Drift past bird sanctuaries and plantations in rice barges made out of bamboo and coconut. The tranquility on these houseboats will trick you into thinking that the time is standing still. Your journey will probably begin in Alleppey, from where you will make brief stops and have tiger-spotting opportunities. 


Sail from Cairo to Aswan in a long Nile cruise of 880 kilometers. However, due to recent headlines, the southern reaches have become more popular as a starting point for many cruise fans. Dahabeya houseboat with its gigantic sails will take you on a journey from Luxor to Aswan, during which you will be exploring ancient temples like Kom, Edfu, and Karnak, and historic necropolises like the Valley of the Kings. If you are interested in spending the night under the stars you can embark on small felucca tour that will take you downstream from Aswan. These traditional wooden sailing boats have mattresses laid on their deck for a unique experience under the African sky. 

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Veining through nine countries, the Danube is one of Europe’s most precious possessions. Year-long journeys down its blue waters can take you from Austrian vineyards to the gorges of Romania. Begin your eight days long journey in Nuremberg, Germany, drift through magnificent Austrian landscapes, and be welcomed by the majesty of the Hungarian capital, Budapest. For those of you who are feeling adventurous, there is the ultimate 24-day cruise starting in the waters of Amsterdam, Rhine, Main, and continues on to the Danube Canal in Nuremberg, taking you all the way to the Black Sea. 


Amazon 292x300 - Fascinating Rivers For Cruise EnthusiastsThe best time to visit the Amazon is during the wet season (from December to May). It is less crowded during this time of year and you can get better access to particular Amazon sites that are otherwise harder to reach. The majority of the river runs through Brazil and Peru and sailing options differ in these two countries. While Brazil is always crowded with many big boats floating around carrying an uncountable number of tourists daily, the Peru experience will take you in shall-bottomed riverboats from Iquitos to the Amazon main waters. The journey in Peru can take from 4 to seven days, during which you can swim with pink river dolphins, observe astonishing jungle, and visit the Amazon’s tributaries like Ucayali and Tahuayo.