Cleaner Ocean For A Happier Earth – How To Make A Difference?

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Ocean pollution is one of the biggest ecological problems of our planet, yet, we still somehow neglect it completely. After all, all of us know that the oceans take up to 70 percent of Earth’s surface – so, why do we choose to turn our backs to our own planet? 

In order to make our planet a better and healthier place for future generations and we need to make a difference. Cleaner oceans mean cleaner planet so, here are some of the best ways people can contribute to this cause. 


pollution 268x300 - Cleaner Ocean For A Happier Earth - How To Make A Difference?Raising funds by increasing some taxes such as plastic tax, gambling taxation, or environmental taxes can help save the oceans. Not only will these non-profit fundraisers be used for the right purpose, but the high taxes themselves directly conditions the amount of pollution.

Paying high taxes means losing a lot of money for various companies and individuals who are polluting oceans (intentionally or unintentionally). Unfortunately, not all countries around the world have strict regulations when it comes to fees and taxations that promote cleaner oceans. The ultimate utopian case would be if some of those taxations and laws were imposed on everyone, all around the globe, with no exception. 

Increased taxes on producer responsibility for all the plastic containers, bags, bottles, etc. would also make a great difference. The producers would then have to compose marketing campaigns and advise their users to dispose of the plastic containers only in the indicated places such as bins, or other waste containers. 

Humanitarian Initiatives

garbage pollution beach 300x300 - Cleaner Ocean For A Happier Earth - How To Make A Difference?Ocean conservation organizations play a crucial role in the everlasting fight to keep our oceans clean. Different organizations use different methods to keep our oceans clean, some of them being targeted campaigns, scientific research and exploring, and proposing laws that will influence littering and polluting. 

In some cases, even individuals can lead a movement, like the beach cleanups we hear about more and more recently. Sometimes this kind of initiative can gather many volunteers and make a greater difference that some public events of a similar kind.  

Waste Recycling Infrastructure

Investment in the waste recycling infrastructure, as well as the awareness of the importance of it, is another crucial link in the chain of cleaning the oceans. Once we stop looking at the single-use plastics as the waste and start seeing it as a resource, we will start paying attention to waste recycling. 

Aluminum, plastic and glass containers we throw away on a daily basis could get recycled with a little help of financial incentive method. Supposedly, the most fruitful method in raising awareness about this problem is to in some way incorporate a financial fee. If the retailers but also the producers include deposit return policy in selling the products that are most seen in littered oceans, that would be one big step towards the success. 

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Spreading Awareness

Education ourselves is very important if we don’t want to have completely polluted and useless oceans and a potential global catastrophe in less than a century. Spreading awareness doesn’t cost us anything and it means the future of the whole planet. 

Even if we know that the oceans are polluted, a subtle reminder every now and then wouldn’t hurt. Try to use social networks for a higher purpose and share posts that will raise awareness of this worldwide problem. There are all sorts of marketing methods that can help spread awareness and help save the oceans.