Amazing Cruises You Shouldn’t Miss In Your Lifetime


We travel by car or bus, to save money, and throughout the whole trip, we often get uncomfortable, but we just bear with it until we reach our destination. Plans are more efficient, however, they are not budget friendly unless you booked a ticket, months in advance. And yet, when we travel by boat the entire journey becomes an integral part of our traveling experience, which is why cruises are so popular, almost as popular as horse racing betting. On a cruise you can do anything from watching your favorite sports or the Olympics, for example, which you can read about more here, to dancing activities, board games, and so on.

At some point, someone realized that a boat ride can be so much more than a means of transportation, and found a way to make the best of it. Steamboats that were once used for transporting cargo, getting away to international waters so that crew members can gamble, and even for racing, are now housing top tier lodging experience and entertainment. Here we will go over some of the top-rated cruises that anyone who is a fan of sea voyaging shouldn’t miss.   

Abercrombie & Kent

Hop on board of the famous Abercrombie & Kent and see for yourself what cruising the Mekong is all about. The total number of people on this cruise is around 50, and half of it is staff members. Which means it is going to be very peaceful, and the service will be provided in a timely manner. Every crew member will know your name, and they will be super accommodating towards you, in other words, you are in for a royal treatment.

A&K is a smaller vessel, which allows it to access different waterways typically inaccessible to a larger ship. So, you will see jungles, villages, floating markets as well as big cities.

amazing cruises ship - Amazing Cruises You Shouldn't Miss In Your Lifetime

Royal Caribbean International

Royal Caribbean has over 20 magnificent cruise ships and offers voyages to over 200 destinations. RC vessels are gigantic and can accommodate thousands of passengers along with thousands of crew members. To top it all the ships boast myriad of amenities for passengers of all ages. So, there should be no doubt in your mind that you and your family will all have an amazing time here.   


When we are talking about cruising with style, Celebrity cruises immediately come to mind. They have around 10 ships and each of them offers a floating-city experience, for lack of a better term. As there is one crew member for every two passengers, so you can expect a top quality service during your voyage. Voyages can last between 2 and 19 days and the price is approximately $200 a night per one person. Regardless of the itinerary you opt for, a cruise on one of the celebrity ships will be a treasured memory, and you will have an amazing journey.


For those who like to enjoy a top quality gourmet meal while they are on a cruise, then boarding Oceania is the way to go. It has earned a lot of praise from critics for its dining options and on the ships called Marina and Riviera, there is even a six-course tasting menu. There is also a special dining room that is limited only to 26 guests, which is a great place to be if you are organizing a special event, just make sure you reserve the tables in advance.