Scuba Diving – Then and Now


Retrospectively observing, there has been an incredible change in diving as a sport. It all started with the diving bell method used mainly for underwater works, and now almost everyone can go scuba diving and explore different underwater tourist attractions.

Over the years, scuba diving technology progressed a lot and the equipment nowadays is compact and easy to carry, which allows the diver to truly enjoy the experience. But most importantly, the equipment nowadays provides more safety for all the people who wish to embark on the scuba diving adventure.

All That Tech

We can witness the immense advance in technology over the past decade or two, and the same can apply to the scuba diving technology. Mapping out the underwater areas using computers, radars, and other methods, calculating the pressure and the speed of descent or any potential danger made things a lot easier.

For those who would like to try scuba diving and see beautiful flora, fauna, and terrain of the deep blue seas and oceans – almost everything is possible. With the right guide and the current technology inventions, you can explore the colorful underwater wildlife and possibly get hooked on scuba diving!

Safety, Safety & more Safety

If you were once concerned about the safety, you can now go scuba diving completely carefree. The technology dedicated to this sport progressed towards being available and tempting to a great variety of people. You will still need air tanks, but what has changed significantly, (and for the better) are face masks and breathing gas solutions. No more hoses and pipes, now people can dive a little deeper feeling comfortable and safe.

In addition, what changed drastically in this sports is the way divers communicate, both among each other and with the people out there on the surface. This area of technological improvement has brought many different benefits, the most important one being the prevention of possible accidents.

Improved Suits

New and improved dry suits will keep the divers warm and safe while they are in the water. Plus, the innovators made sure that the suits have all that it takes to make scuba diving a wonderful experience. Nowadays, the dry suits are not too heavy, you can freely swim in them as they are flexible and you will feel like in your own skin.

Moreover, some suits were made specially to keep the divers safe from bites and attacks of animals, and one can go diving without worries. However, knowing where to dive and knowing all the safety procedures remains the most important thing, so always go prepared.

Underwater Cameras

Want to remember your scuba diving experience? It is the 21st century, and you can now record your whole underwater journey with a camera. Cameras are underwater recordings are also useful for scientific reasons, not only for pleasure. This way, the scientist can analyze different organisms or phenomenon happening under water and make incredible discoveries.

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