How To Experience Diving Using VR

VR headset 735x400 - How To Experience Diving Using VR

Imagine diving dozens of meters below the surface, exploring the coral reefs and swimming with hundreds of different sea animals. It sounds pretty amazing, right? It does, but it also sounds very unrealistic since you would have to travel a long way and probably pay a lot of money just to have the opportunity to do this. Not to mention that these types of expeditions are often available only to experienced scuba divers. Well, that won’t be the case anymore. New technologies, such as DIVR are bringing this free diving experience closer to everyone, just like bet9ja promotion code provides an opportunity to place various bets online without even leaving your house.

What is DIVR? 

Lighthouse diving 300x253 - How To Experience Diving Using VRDIVR is one of the first virtual reality attractions that will allow you to explore the deep sea from a nearby pool or resort. This VR system was created by Ballast Technologies, Inc. for all interested hotels, resorts or water parks, in order to make the simple experience of going to the pool extraordinary. Very soon, water slides won’t be able to compare with this new attraction since everyone will want to experience diving in the ocean. The system can be ordered online and you can install it yourself in a matter of minutes, without the help of a technician which makes matters even more convenient. 

How does it work?

diver 300x270 - How To Experience Diving Using VRIt is pretty simple actually – using your VR headset you are able to see a magnificent world under the sea while in reality you are simply submerged in an ordinary pool. Because you are in the water, you will feel as if you are really transported into the ocean as opposed to sitting on a chair and just looking at the footage. This allows you to have a full-body sensory experience in exotic locations without having to travel a long distance. Being submerged in water during the process also helps with some of the problems people usually have with VR, such as discomfort or nausea and it makes you completely calm and comfortable. 

What can you see? 

The number of different things you can see is enormous. From hundreds of fish and other sea animals to coral reefs and underwater caves, the possibilities are endless. You might even catch a glimpse or even fully examine a shipwreck if you stumble upon one. It won’t be anything unusual for a whale to come and greet you and take you for a ride, or for sharks to come and inspect you. Luckily, you can completely enjoy this experience and greet the sharks yourself without a grain of fear, something that you might never be able to do in real life.