Four Most Dangerous Water Sports

Deep water solo 735x400 - Four Most Dangerous Water Sports

There is something about how dangerous nature can be that simply invites all the adrenaline rush seekers out there to question the boundaries. Water sports might seem fun and innocent, but there are a few of them that are so extreme they really put all limitations to the test. If swimming and diving just aren’t enough for you, you can try some of these four most dangerous water sports in the world.

 White water rafting

White water rafting extreme water sport 300x218 - Four Most Dangerous Water SportsThe name of this sport comes from the color that the water gets when it is extremely agitated and frenzied. Now imagine going down the rapids of a river in nothing but a small boat with seven of your friends. Sounds fun or dangerous? Well, it can be more or less dangerous, depending on the level of the rapids, which are graded from one to six. You also need to be physically prepared to swim and paddle for about one hour, and of course, to avoid falling off the boat. 

Cave diving

Underwater caves are magically beautiful – a hidden dark paradise and intact narrow corridors will leave you breathless. At least that is what cave divers state about their experiences. However, this sport requires years of practice due to the extreme conditions that these divers are putting themselves into. There are so many things that can go wrong if you are not careful, such as running out of oxygen or getting trapped somewhere in a cave, which makes this sport a perfect candidate for all those serious thrill seekers out there. 


Freediving 300x225 - Four Most Dangerous Water SportsMany would argue that freediving is not just one of the most extreme water sports, but one of the most dangerous sports in the world. This is because you are trying to dive as deep as you can while holding your breath without any special equipment. It does sound pretty extreme, but after about 60 m of diving, nitrogen gasses start building up in your brain, which makes you more relaxed. Freedivers explain it as feeling some kind of euphoria which makes you completely addicted to the adrenalin of this dangerous sport.

Deep water solo

Rock climbing is dangerous on its own, but doing it without any equipment is as extreme as sports get. That is why deep water solo, or psicobloc, is so popular – it is just you, the rocks and the sea underneath. Some call it the purest form of climbing since you are not relying on any ropes, but others think it is simply reckless, as it is so easy to fall or get injured.