Five Water Sports To Try In Las Vegas

Grand Canyon 735x400 - Five Water Sports To Try In Las Vegas

If you are planning your vacation to Las Vegas, it would be a shame not to add water sports to your list of activities. Although Vegas is known for casinos and all the music spectacles, being so close to the Colorado River and the Grand Canyon makes it a perfect destination for all lovers of water adventures who are fans of Ladbrokes promo code.

Emerald Cave Kayak Tour

cave sea 300x193 - Five Water Sports To Try In Las VegasEmerald Cave is one of those sceneries whose beauty will delight even the most indifferent visitors. It is definitely better to experience it in person, and what better way than to go on a kayak tour through the cave? You should expect about three hours of active kayaking and swimming, so be prepared to put your physical abilities to test. Transport will be provided from Las Vegas to Willow Beach in Arizona.

Grand Canyon White Water Rafting

If you are looking for a more extreme watersport to enjoy while in Las Vegas, white water rafting is a perfect choice. It is adventurous, thrilling, and it will test you in every possible way. You can look forward to a 40-mile journey down the Colorado River, which won’t be easy, but it will be one of the most memorable activities you can do in Vegas. Lunch and transportation from and to the hotel will be provided. 

Lake Mead Jet Ski

Lake 300x195 - Five Water Sports To Try In Las VegasIf you are not looking for anything dangerous, Jet Ski experience on Lake Mead is for you. You don’t need any special training, as handling a Jet Ski is not difficult. You can even organize a race with your friends to make this experience even more interesting. You will be able to explore the lake as much as you want and even visit one of the beaches or go for lunch at one of the nearby restaurants. 

Hydrobike and paddleboards 

Lake Las Vegas is the perfect setting to try out paddleboarding or a hydrobike. The lake is located in the Las Vegas Valley, so you will be able to enjoy the beautiful landscape of the city along the shoreline. The lake is right next to the airport and the Las Vegas Strip, so you will be able to go straight to exploring the town right after you finish with your water adventures.

Colorado River Float

Las Vegas Bay 300x190 - Five Water Sports To Try In Las VegasIf you would rather relax and explore the neighborhood, you might want to look up the Colorado River Float adventure. This full-day experience includes a helicopter ride over the west part of the Grand Canyon and beautiful Lake Mead, together with a float trip down the majestic Colorado River and an optional rest at a secluded beach. Moreover, you won’t have to worry about lunch since it will all be provided for you.