Taylor Jensen Wins Second Consecutive ASP World Longboard Title at CITIC PACIFIC ShenZhou Peninsula Pro

[ 0 ] November 29, 2012 |

HUNTINGTON BEACH, California/USA (Thursday, November 29, 2012) – Taylor Jensen (Carlsbad, CA), 28, has won his second consecutive ASP World Longboard Title, defeating Hawaiian veteran Ned Snow (HAW), 30, to secure the CITIC PACIFIC ShenZhou Peninsula Pro.

Jensen’s efforts to take out the ASP WLT this year were impressive, as the powerful Californian battled a serious flu through the early rounds to eventually find his way atop the podium in China for the second consecutive year.

“I didn’t know how bad my sickness was going to be, but it knocked me flat for 48 hours,” Jensen said. “It was touch and go as to whether I was up to surfing, my first heat was sketchy. It all came together. I got better everyday as the contest went on. You hear guys like Kelly Slater talk about building momentum through contests, and how the guy with the highest heat total usually loses in the next round. So I knew that getting through heats wasn’t a bad thing, I felt like I hadn’t surfed my best yet and that there was still something left in the tank.”

Jensen, who holds multiple regional titles as ASP North America and ASP Australasia Longboarding Champion, further cemented his standing as one of the best longboarders of his generation with his second consecutive international crown on Hainan Island.

“It doesn’t seem real yet,” Jensen said. “My win in Italy just set in last week. It was always a goal to get more than one ASP World Longboard Title to solidify the first one, but to go back-to-back and now have two is amazing. I’m speechless. I haven’t even realised it happened yet.”

Other American standouts include Cole Robbins (Santa Barbara, CA), 21, and Tony Silvagni (Kure Beach, NC), 25. Both finished equal 5th overall.

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